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Modern technology offers great benefits to our legal system. Testimony and depositions from witnesses and defendants are now often recorded on video, providing a very thorough and accurate record for use by the legal teams involved. In spite of the accuracy afforded by the video record, criminal defense attorney, Danny Easterling, has found this type … Continue reading “Transcription Case Study: Defense Attorney Danny Easterling”

When Gene Quinn, US Patent Attorney and editor of, conducts long-form interviews, it is critical the transcription is accurate in every detail. Accomplishing that type of accuracy is not as simple as you might assume. During his interviews, many legal terms are used, along with names of businesses, people and places. Hearing a name … Continue reading “Case Study – Accuracy in Transcription Is Critical for Interviews”

Podcasts have become a very popular medium. Over 112 million Americans listened to a podcast in 2017. Listening to a podcast can be a convenient way to gain information while busy doing other tasks – cleaning, cooking, walking or driving. But there are times when even the most committed podcast listeners prefer to read a … Continue reading “Podcast Transcription – Advantages of Adding Text to Audio”

Do you love listening to the stories of your parents or grandparents from their youth? Their adventures? Their trials? There triumphs? Has anyone ever told them, “You should write a book,” but you know it’ll never happen?   Recording Your Family’s Oral History Those memories and stories don’t have to be lost. And, you don’t … Continue reading “Capturing Family Histories Through Transcription”

Many times small details are taken for granted leaving a blemish in what could be an otherwise flawless report, manuscript or interview. Transcription is important in any field of work as well, and not just a way to document the doctor’s diagnosis or prescription.   Utilizing transcription services There’s a wide spectrum of transcription services. … Continue reading “7 ways to utilize transcription services”

Being able to put the words of your customers between quotation marks is a simple but powerful tool. Having worked for a marketing research firm for a number of years, John Kalb, has used this tool in many ways. Getting those words “right” is also important. That’s where accurate transcription services from Kelsey Transcripts comes … Continue reading “Case Study: Marketing Research Company”

Don Yaeger is the author of 28 books; 9 have been on the New York Times Bestsellers List. As a writer and author, Don is a collector of stories. As the Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated, many of those stories have been collected from world-class athletes. Don does not hesitant to fly to other countries … Continue reading “Case Study: Don Yaeger, Bestselling Author”

It has been over a decade since Steve Barilotti first hired Kelsey Transcripts to work on his first project. As a journalist who travels the world interviewing subjects related to surfing and other outdoor topics having a transcription service that can provide quick turn-arounds and accurate transcripts for scripts and articles is an essential time … Continue reading “Case Study: Steve Barilotti”

Christine (Kit) Klein is the director for Insight for Learning Practices LLC. Kit was referred to Kelsey Transcriptsin 2011 by a colleague. Insight for Learning Practices has been a loyal customer ever since. Insight for Learning Practices provides evaluation and research consulting related to learning outside of school hours. Their data collection methods include one-on-one … Continue reading “Case Study: Insight for Learning Practices”

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