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Case Study – Accuracy in Transcription Is Critical for Interviews

When Gene Quinn, US Patent Attorney and editor of, conducts long-form interviews, it is critical the transcription is accurate in every detail. Accomplishing that type of accuracy is not as simple as you might assume. During his interviews, many legal terms are used, along with names of businesses, people and places. Hearing a name or word pronounced in a recording does not tell you how to spell it accurately. This is especially true if it has a unique spelling, or it is an uncommon name or a legal phrase.

“It is obvious that Kelsey Transcripts takes the time to do research to ensure accuracy,” Quinn insists. He has always been impressed by this extra effort displayed in the transcription services he has received. “I wouldn’t use anyone else for my transcription,” he adds.

Additional Uses for Transcription Services

Quinn has found other opportunities to use Kelsey Transcripts, beyond transcribing the recordings of his interviews. When he attends events to hear speakers, he wants to be fully focused on the information being delivered. He finds note-taking distracts him from the speaker.

Nevertheless, Quinn knows he won’t remember all the key points a speaker made without a means of review later on. To solve this issue, Quinn will provide Kelsey Transcripts with recordings from these events for transcription. For an affordable price and with a very quick turnaround, he receives a full transcript of the speaker’s message, available for him to peruse at his leisure.

Kelsey Transcripts is always a pleasure to work with, and their responsiveness is “off the charts,” according to Quinn. The cost is very reasonable, for the value received, in his opinion.

Kelsey Transcripts works with many different types of clients; they include journalists, authors and corporate entities. They provide transcription services for recordings of individual speakers as well as conversations, such as interviews, depositions, roundtable discussions, focus group documentation and a variety of other voice recordings. Contact Kelsey Transcripts and speak to Jennifer about your transcription needs and learn why her customers, like Gene Quinn, refuse to use anyone else.

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