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Case Study: Insight for Learning Practices

Christine (Kit) Klein is the director for Insight for Learning Practices LLC. Kit was referred to Kelsey Transcriptsin 2011 by a colleague. Insight for Learning Practices has been a loyal customer ever since.

Insight for Learning Practices provides evaluation and research consulting related to learning outside of school hours. Their data collection methods include one-on-one interviews, as well as focus groups, with adults and teenagers. They use transcription services to transcribe audio and video recordings from the interviews and focus groups into text documents. An example would be an impact study they did on a youth program called St. Louis ArtWorks. Kit conducted and recorded several individual interviews with staff members and teens from the program. She also facilitated and recorded focus group discussions.

Transcription Benefits from Kelsey Transcripts

“The quality is outstanding,” Kit says. But her reasons for working with and referring others to Kelsey Transcripts go beyond the exceptional accuracy. There are three other reasons why they continue to use Kelsey Transcripts services.

  • Meeting custom formatting needs
  • Transparent, consistent pricing
  • Reliable, quick turnaround

Time Savings

Kit uses special data analysis software in her business. Kelsey Transcripts custom formats their transcript documents for easy transfer to the data analysis software. This saves them many hours on each project.

Predictable Costs

Funding for Kit’s projects generally comes through non-profit or government grants. The grant application process requires detailed and accurate listing of anticipated costs for each project. Since Kelsey Transcripts’ pricing is based on how long the recording is, Kit can easily calculate the cost for translation of a 30-minute interview or an hour-long focus group. If funding is approved, she knows that her grant will cover the costs of transcription services required.

Reliable Quality and Response Time

“I always receive my transcripts on or before the deadlines I give them,” Kit offers. She usually requests a two to four-week turn-around on her projects, but sometimes receives the results in only a few days. Kit has used other transcription services in the past, but has never received the consistent quality and customized service she receives from Kelsey Transcripts.

“I’m always referring my colleagues to Kelsey Transcripts,” Kit says.

If you are a consultant that needs transcription services for your recorded interviews or group discussions, give Kelsey Transcripts a call at (979) 865-2225 or request a quote via our website form.

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