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Case Study: Marketing Research Company

Being able to put the words of your customers between quotation marks is a simple but powerful tool. Having worked for a marketing research firm for a number of years, John Kalb, has used this tool in many ways. Getting those words “right” is also important. That’s where accurate transcription services from Kelsey Transcripts comes into play.

“Jennifer is a skilled practitioner of transcription,” John Kalb states. “She provided amazing accuracy transcribing customer interviews in a technical field. She made us look good!”

Customer Survey Transcription

When you think of customer surveys, you may think of the surveys you get in your email inbox. This is not the type of surveys John Kalb was doing. To get the nitty-gritty information they needed from customers, they conducted 20-30 minute interviews with an average of two dozen customers for each research report.

The questions asked in the interviews were not yes or no questions or simple multiple choice. Having the exact words of each customer transcribed with accuracy was critical as this was the supportive evidence behind the research results and recommendations. Being able to “tell the story” using exact quotes extracted from the transcripts made the reports of the research company more compelling. Since these were considered “voice of the customer” surveys, generalizations would not do; they needed the exact words of the customers to be the vehicle of communication.

Personalized Transcription Services

Technical language, names of worldwide locations and speakers with foreign accents can be a challenge for most transcription services. Kelsey Transcripts has the advantage of many years of experience refining their listening and transcription skills. Instead of settling for “good enough,” Kelsey Transcripts will make your transcript “as good as it can be.”

If you’re looking for accurate and reliable transcription services, follow John Kalb’s advice and contact Jennifer at Kelsey Transcripts. Call (979) 865-2225 or request a quote via our website form.

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