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Case Study: Steve Barilotti

It has been over a decade since Steve Barilotti first hired Kelsey Transcripts to work on his first project. As a journalist who travels the world interviewing subjects related to surfing and other outdoor topics having a transcription service that can provide quick turn-arounds and accurate transcripts for scripts and articles is an essential time saver.

Sorting Through International Nuances

Steve says that the global nature of his interviews is one of the challenges his recordings present to a transcription service. He recently did interviews in Australia. Not only did the transcriptionist have the challenge of understanding the English being spoken with an Australian accent, but also needed to correctly interpret phrases and terminology that are native to Australia. Whenever there is uncertainty in the words being said, Steve can count on the transcription to have the issue clearly marked with the time stamp from the recording so he can verify that the proper wording has been included.

Steve describes his working relationship with Kelsey as “one-on-one.” If he needs a project done faster than usual, he knows he can give Kelsey a call and she’ll fit it into the schedule. “Even when my projects don’t require a quick completion, the turn-around from Kelsey Transcripts is still very fast,” Steve assured us.


A Transcription Service You Can Count On

Steve says that Kelsey is always “genuinely interested” in his projects, and after having used her services for so many years, considers her a friend as well as a trusted vendor for his business ventures.


If you are a journalist that needs a transcription service for your recorded interviews, Steve highly recommends Kelsey Transcripts. You can contact us by calling (979) 865-2225 or requesting a quote via our website form. We’d love to help you save time getting your stories written.

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If you are in need of a transcribing service, you can count on us to be fast and accurate.

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