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Case Study: Transcription for Honorable Reporting

Every aspect of the court system and every legal matter involves significant documentation and recordkeeping. It’s just the nature of the beast. Words and more words. And every word needs to be recorded and reported accurately. It is critical to the outcome of court cases. That’s the job of Honorable Reporting Services in Miami, Florida.

Efficient and Accurate Litigation Support

The legal system in Florida serves a high volume of cases. These cases range from the everyday auto accident to complex criminal cases and highly involved corporate law litigation. Honorable Reporting plays a significant role in gathering and recording the information related to these cases. Their services include audio and/or video recording of depositions, arbitration negotiations and other types of legal hearings.

The clients who engage Honorable Reporting for litigation support fall across the spectrum of the legal system. Attorneys are some of their most frequent clients. Using Honorable Reporting for their reporting services allows them to keep their in-house staff to a minimum. Honorable Reporting is there to meet their needs when their case load is heavy but doesn’t strain the administrative budget during slow times.

In addition to attorneys, Honorable Reporting is contracted to serve a number of other entities with their court reporting and transcription services. They include:

  • County, district and federal courts
  • Police and sheriff departments
  • Security and private investigation companies
  • Universities
  • Nonprofit foundations
  • Individuals

Anyone looking for efficient, accurate and confidential reporting and transcription services in the Miami area, seeks out Honorable Reporting, for their reputable support services.

The Key Role of Transcription in Litigation Support

Although most depositions, court proceedings and law enforcement interrogations are recorded by video or audio, transcription of these recordings is an essential part of the documentation process. Because of the sensitive nature of these legal recordings and the high level of accuracy required in their transcription, Honorable Reporting turns to Kelsey Transcripts to partner with them in delivering the excellence in transcription they promise to their clients.

Katie Carvajal, of Honorable Reporting, says the level of accuracy is their top reason for using Kelsey Transcripts but not the only reason. “We need transcription work done daily,” Carvajal said. Kelsey Transcripts is able to handle the high volume of work sent to them by Honorable Reporting, take on last minute tasks and always have a quick turnaround on their transcription assignments.

If you need a transcription of recordings of a sensitive or legal nature, you can count on Kelsey Transcript to provide the level of professionalism required. With the ability to share digital information over secure channels, we are able to serve clients from around the world. Give us a call for a free consultation about your transcription needs.

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