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Case Study: Transcription for Science Branding Communications

One-on-one interviews are a vital piece in Science Branding Communications’ MEDSTORYs. This unique company in the medical marketing sector uses the power of story to capture people’s attention and imagination.

The science of medicine is often communicated in medical jargon and sterile statistics. Science Branding Communications felt the messages of the medical community were too important to be overlooked. They are changing the landscape of medical marketing by injecting the life of a well-told story into what otherwise might seem technical and boring to a reader.

The Part of Transcription in MEDSTORYÒ Solutions

Fictional stories are great, but they don’t have the same impact as a story based on real people and real-life circumstances. To make sure their MEDSTORYs achieve the desired effect, Science Branding Communications interviews several individuals who can add that personal element to the story. Each interview is recorded for accurate documentation.

Audio recordings ensure accuracy when creating quotes and using these personal interviews to develop an engaging storyline, but they aren’t an ideal resource. To turn these recorded interviews into an accessible medium for their writers to work with, Science Branding Communications relies on the transcription services provided by Kelsey Transcript.

Accuracy in Medical Terminology

Accuracy is crucial, but not a simple task for these transcriptions. Many of the interviews will include medical or scientific terminology that is unfamiliar to the transcriber. Kelsey Transcripts, unlike some other transcription services, takes the time to research unfamiliar terms to make sure they are included and spelled correctly in their transcriptions for Science Branding Communications.

The fast turnaround of assignments is another reason Science Branding Communications enjoys working with Kelsey Transcripts. Their creative team is able to begin working immediately with no worry that a project is going to be stalled while waiting for transcripts of the interviews.

Industry-Specific Transcription

Accurately transcribing specialized terminology is a core strength of Kelsey Transcripts. They take the time to research terms and proper names of people and places. In addition to medical and scientific terminology, their transcriptionists can also provide accuracy with legal terms and other specialized fields, like engineering and construction.

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