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Podcast Transcription – Advantages of Adding Text to Audio

Podcasts have become a very popular medium. Over 112 million Americans listened to a podcast in 2017. Listening to a podcast can be a convenient way to gain information while busy doing other tasks – cleaning, cooking, walking or driving. But there are times when even the most committed podcast listeners prefer to read a podcast transcription instead of listening to it. Let’s look at some of the reason why more and more podcasters are adding a transcription to their podcast pages.

Time Is a Valuable Commodity

People are being bombarded by information from every direction. A podcast requires a time commitment in order to receive the full value. Great titles are critical to enticing listeners to make that time commitment, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Just as browsers on the internet scan the headings in a blog post to decide if it is worth their time, podcast listeners like to have this option as well. Being able to scan through some of the podcast content in the form of a transcription can mean the difference between hitting play or clicking away.

Even though podcast play speeds can be increased to shorten the listening time, scanning through written text can still be faster. For many people, especially those who prefer literary learning over audio learning, reading print is the only way they will ever connect with a podcast.

Improve Your SEO with a Podcast Transcription

Search engines are still geared towards reading text. When a podcast is transcribed and presented similar to a blog post, you gain the advantage of optimizing the content for specific keywords. You can add H2 tags, just like you would in a blog post. Not only with the added transcript increase the ranking for the individual podcast topic, but adding print content on a regular basis will improve the search ranking for your website as a whole.

Having the podcast transcription on your website also makes your content easier to share across social media. Specific quotes from the podcast can be easily captured for 140 character tweets and short quotes on blogs or Facebook.

If you have guests on your podcast, having the transcription on your site also makes it easier to embed links back to their content on the web or to their social media accounts.

Fast, accurate transcription is what Kelsey Transcription is known for. Add value to your podcast for your followers and improve your SEO at the same time. Contact us about your podcast transcription needs.

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