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Recording Tips

Tips for Making a Good Audio Recording

The key to receiving a high quality transcript begins with the recording process. There are many factors that come into play in making the recording but if the steps below are kept in mind, we feel that you will be pleased with the results of your efforts.


Always choose a quiet location for your recording. Restaurants are probably the worst place to conduct a recording. This is due to the high level of background noise you may not even realize is present until you play the recording back. By then it may be too late.


Try not to talk over one another. A well moderated recording is easier to follow and makes it easier for the transcriptionist to capture everything that is said and by whom.


If your recorder has a voice activation feature, please turn it off. This feature typically results in choppy recordings and lots of lost data. This is because it has a tendency to cut off the first few syllables of a voice at the beginning of a sentence.


Make a conscious effort not to use too many “filler” words such as um, uh, you know, etc.


Ask the interviewee to use “yes” and “no” rather than “uh-huh” and “uh-uh“. Those two expressions can sound extremely similar but have completely opposite meanings.


If you’re conducting a focus group recording or another type of situation where there will be more than two voices, have the people state their names before they speak, at least for the initial utterance.


Make certain the recorder is positioned close enough to everyone so all voices are easily discernible. You might want to have everyone speak for a recorded testrun and play it back before starting the actual recording.


If utilizing an interpreter, it is typically better to have the entire recording conducted in the foreign language, utilizing the interpreter’s services. Some interviewees may know a little bit of English and want to speak in both English and their other language, but it can make it difficult to keep an even flow in the transcript.

Quality Control

Quality Control measures that are implemented with each and every transcript;these measures include being scanned for errors before being returned to the client so that the transcript you receive is as clean as possible. For especially hard-to-hear audio, three listen attempts are made before it is noted as inaudible. Internet research is utilized to capture the correct spellings of such things as cities, street names, popular company names, etc.

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