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Transcription Case Study: Frontier Adjusters

The clients who utilize our transcription services come from a wide variety of industries – journalists, podcast hosts, researchers, court reporting, authors and many more. One of the industries which use our services which might surprise you is independent insurance adjusters.

Jim Connor from Frontier Adjusters is one of our loyal customers. An insurance adjuster is the person who is sent out in response to an insurance claim. For home insurance claims, it may be to inspect a home damaged by fire, storms, flooding or some other type of accidental damage. Hail damage to roofs and siding are common examples homeowner insurance claims.

How Insurance Adjusters Use Transcription Services

Connor can and does document much of the damage with images, but it is the written report that explains what is being seen in the images and also fills in all the data required for a complete assessment of the property damage. Connor records his comments and observations as he examines the property. He notes which areas of the house have been damaged, such as the “northeast corner of the garage roof” or “the lower three feet of siding on the west side of the house.” He will also note the type of materials which are damaged – vinyl or steel siding, asphalt shingles or cedar shakes, etc.

After Connor has completed his inspection of the damaged property, he uses Kelsey Transcripts to create his detailed reports from him his recording. These reports are then sent to the insurance company where the claim has been filed. Quick reporting is critical for the insurance adjuster. The insurance company and policy holder are both waiting on his report to determine how the claim will be addressed.

Jim Connor says, “Kelsey Transcripts transcription is flawless, and I get it back in a short amount of time. It has been proofread and spell-checked. I don’t have to make any corrections.”

Connor is quick to recommend Kelsey Transcripts to other businesses that might require transcription services. Give us a call to learn how we might be able to serve you.

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