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Transcription Services Case Study: Journalist & Author, David Kline

David Kline is a Communication Specialist. His clients are thought-leaders in their respective fields, which range from political figures to Fortune 100 executives to innovative minds just breaking onto the scene. Kline is who they seek out to get their voices heard through top-level publications and books that reach the hands of influencers.

Kline’s position of influence rests on a reputation as one of the most notable international journalists of his time, providing investigative reporting from the field in war zones in Europe and Africa to narcotic empires in South America. His career and influence then expanded to journalistic television, and further to a leading author of books and articles focused on business and technology.

High-Quality Transcription Services

In all these endeavors, Kline has depended heavily upon expert transcription services to provide high-quality textual records of a variety of sound and video recordings. Kline had this to say:

“Among the many specialized firms who provide mission-critical legal and general transcription services, Jennifer Ferris and her team at Kelsey Transcripts are in a class by themselves, standing above all the rest.  Simply put, Kelsey Transcripts has no peer in terms of the quality and timeliness of its work product, which is why I rely on them for the transcription of board meetings, senior Fortune 500 executive interviews, and the speeches of leading Washington policymakers.”

Kelsey Transcripts considers it a privilege to serve as the trusted transcription service for David Kline and other highly-respected journalists, authors, and businesses. The needs of our clients are given top priority. We believe in going above and beyond expectations in our research, quality, and turn-around time.

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